Several Cited During Minor Decoy Operation

It may have been one of the strangest minor decoy shoulder tap operations that Redding Police can remember. Using state grant funding, the RPD did the sting operation on Thursday during which an underage decoy approached strangers outside of a convenience store and asked them to buy alcohol. 51-year-old James Manns allegedly made a purchase for the teenager and was cited. 27-year-old Jarrod Windle reportedly accepted cash from the minor and said he would buy beer with it, which he did, but he didn’t give the beer to the decoy, instead keeping it for himself. He was stopped by officers and cited for petty theft. 41-year-old Ty Gutierrez reportedly agreed to make a purchase but didn’t properly pay for the alcohol before leaving the store. He was contacted and cited for driving on a suspended license and not having a court-ordered ignition interlock device in his car.


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