License Plate Reader Helps Officers Recover Stolen Car

Red Bluff Police say a couple of thieves from Redding decided to take a little side trip for some Midnight thieving, but they were undone by modern technology. The City of Red Bluff has an automated license plate reader. It actually captures every license plate number and runs it through records. At 12:30AM Tuesday morning the system alerted Red Bluff Police to a Honda stolen out of Redding. Officers searched the area and found the Honda parked on Aubry Court. It was unoccupied but after looking inside officers found items that identified 27-year-old Joshua Ellis and 24-year-old Terry Decutler, both of Redding. Officers started looking around for the two and found a purse that had been stolen from a car on Orange Street. They also found Decutler nearby wearing dark clothing and black gloves. They also found Ellis in the area, and he allegedly was carrying stolen property from a nearby home. The stolen goods were returned to their owners and the two alleged thieves were booked into jail.


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