Open House Showcases New Voting Machines

The Shasta County Clerk and Registrar of Voters rolled out the county’s brand new voting system Wednesday. The centerpiece of the system are the machines, which may seem a bit intimidating for some voters. The county’s top elections officer, Cathy Darling-Allen, takes a cautious approach to election security, and acknowledges that there can be no such thing as 100% satisfaction in any system. She assures voters that the changes are in the interest of efficiency, security and, most importantly, accuracy. The ballots themselves will be completed by filling in bubbles with a pen rather than connecting arrows. The machine swallows up the ballots and tabulates them after they’re completed, reducing the number of hands that they’ll pass through and speeding up the delivery of results. Any questionable ballots are reviewed by human eyes. Materials mailed to voters have been reformatted as well. All of the changes were showcased during a public open house Wednesday afternoon.


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