2017 Was A Deadly Year For West Nile Infections

This is Mosquito Awareness Week. Although the pests are something most people would rather not notice, West Nile Virus had a record deadly year in 2017. Statewide there were 553 human cases resulting in 44 deaths. There was one human case in Shasta County. Positive mosquito samples are collected every year in every part of the Shasta Mosquito and Vector Control District. In addition to West Nile, mosquitos also can carry St Louis Encephalitis, a similar malady. There’s a vaccine for West Nile available for horses, but not for humans. The best way for people to fight the spread of West Nile is by eliminating standing water where mosquitos breed, and by using sleeves or repellant. More information can be found at shastamosquito.org.


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