Update: Shooting Suspect Captured During Traffic Stop

A man has been arrested by the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office for allegedly shooting at two people following a drunken fight. Deputies were called at 1:50AM Monday morning to a home on Boyle Road, which runs between Deschutes and Old Alturas. 25-year-old Jacob Nathaniel Wiley said he and 44-year-old Shannon Xylina Perez had been invited earlier in the evening to the Boyle Road home by the resident, 25-year-old Wayne Kenneth Doelker. The three sat in the front yard as the two men proceeded to get intoxicated. The alcohol fueled a conflict between Wiley and Doelker and they fought until Doelker broke away and went inside the house. He allegedly came back out with a rifle and fired two shots toward Wiley and Perez. Neither was hit, and they both ran away. Doelker apparently left the house on foot, possibly armed. Deputies found a lot of guns inside and seized them, but they hadn’t located Doelker until 10 O’clock Monday morning when deputies on Deschutes Road spotted him riding as a passenger in a pickup truck. A high-risk traffic stop was done. The driver was the suspect’s father, Wayne Doelker Senior. A sawed-off shotgun was apparently found in the truck. The older man claimed ownership of it and was arrested along with his son.


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