Update: Residents Of Lorenz Hotel Will Be Without Power After Fire

There was a scare Tuesday at one of Redding’s oldest and biggest buildings, and the residents will be without power overnight as a result. The Lorenz Hotel was built in 1901, and the brick monstrosity at California and Yuba Streets is home to low income elderly residents. At around 12:30PM Tuesday afternoon Redding Firefighters responded to reports of a possible fire in the basement, with smoke wafting throughout the building. Firefighters found some very hot electrical equipment in the basement and set to work clearing the smoke. Redding Fire Chief Gerry Gray says they were able to avoid the considerable hassle that a full evacuation would have entailed. Residents were instructed to shelter in place and stay in their rooms. The building’s air conditioning was shut down while troubleshooters isolated the problem.  The fire damaged a piece of equipment and the power will be out overnight as the parts are acquired. The Red Cross is working with the residents to relocate them until the power is restored. California Street was shut down for a while because it was blocked by several fire engines.


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