Jury Finds Man Guilty Of Murdering Young Children

It took a Monterey County jury only one hour to come up with guilty verdicts on all counts in a crime that horrified people in three counties. In December of 2015 the bodies of two young children were found inside an East Redding storage unit. 3-year-old Delylah Tara and 6-year-old Shaun Tara had been in the custody of Tami Huntsman and her 17-year-old boyfriend, Gonzalo Curiel. The children died in Salinas as a result of ongoing physical abuse, and the couple then drove their bodies to Redding. The killing happened at Thanksgiving time. The family had been given a free turkey dinner, but Shaun and Delylah were not allowed to eat any of it. Driven by hunger, Delylah snuck a bagel for her and her brother, and that’s why they were beaten to death. Curiel and Huntsman were arrested after a severely abused 9-year-old girl was found in a locked car in Quincy. Huntsman would not reveal the location of the two younger children, but under intensive questioning her boyfriend, Curiel, pointed investigators to a mini storage unit on Tarmac Road in Redding. Huntsman avoided capital punishment by entering a guilty plea to murder and torture. She’ll be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole or appeal. Curiel’s trial ended Monday. He can’t be given a death penalty because he was only 17 when the crimes were committed. He’ll be sentenced later.


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