Probationer Sentenced To 9 Year In Prison

A Shasta County man has been sent to prison for repeatedly failing to meet the requirements of his probation. 40-year-old Shaun Gauthreaux was on the most wanted list in 2016 before being picked up in Tehama County. He was initially convicted of manufacturing concentrated cannabis, as well as felony assault. For both cases he had a lengthy sentencing hearing and the court agreed to allow him go through a drug treatment program for his heroin addiction. He did not complete it and absconded for a long time before another arrest. Still, he was given another chance to complete his sentence through work release and treatment. He failed and was arrested for being a felon with ammunition. He admitted to a prior strike with no sentencing agreement. Thursday Gauthreaux said he tried to shake his addiction but people kept giving him drugs even though he had no money and committed no crimes. The court did not believe him because at his last arrest he had stolen property in the car he was driving. He’s been sentenced to 9 years 4 months in state prison.


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