RPD: Man Arrested With $4000 Worth Of Stolen Cigarettes

A witness says a burglary suspect looked like Santa Claus as he walked across a roof in South Redding with a big bag of goods thrown over his shoulder. It was 11 O’clock Saturday night and he wasn’t carrying toys. The man had just climbed out of a hole in the roof of the Smart Stop Market on Westside Road. He had cut the hole himself, climbed inside, filled his bag with cartons of cigarettes and climbed back out. The witness heard a noise outside his home and when he looked out a window he saw items lying around his car. He called police and went outside. That’s when he heard a commotion on the roof of the store and saw the rooftop prowler. He waited for the thief to climb down and then he chased after him, forcing the pursued man to drop the big bag of cigarettes. He got away but Redding Police looked around and a few blocks away they found 33-year-old John Trittle covered in sweat and drywall dust, presumably from the hole in the ceiling. The witness identified Trittle as the man on the roof, and the store owner identified the cigarettes in the bag as $4000 worth of his inventory.


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