RPD: Nuisance Home Torn Down In North Redding

A home in North Redding that’s long been considered a source of crime and blight by neighbors was scraped up and hauled away Monday. The location on Honeycomb Way south of Caterpillar Road was red tagged a couple of weeks ago after a raid by Redding Police and code enforcement. A probation search was done and officers say they found evidence of ongoing drug use. 50-year-old Daniel Kuykendall was arrested there, but subsequently released and he’s now on the most wanted list for possession of illegal explosives. Four other people were also arrested for maintaining or being present at a place where drugs are used. There were more than a dozen abandoned broken down vehicles and a lot of what appeared to be stolen property, according to police. Officers say the place terrorized an otherwise very nice neighborhood, and they had it declared a habitual nuisance residence.


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