RPD: Burglar Tells Officers Thefts Fed His Drug Habit

A burglar was taken into custody after attempting break-ins in the same neighborhood over and over without success, according to Redding Police. At 7:30PM Wednesday night someone called 9-1-1 from a home on East Keswick Dam Road, saying she had come home to find a man in her house stealing things. When he saw her he ran away. At 2:30AM a call came from a home nearby on Snavely Drive. The house was occupied by children when the break-in was done. The homeowner confronted the intruder and he fled. An hour later, at 3:30AM, a man matching the description tried to break into yet another occupied home and fled after being interrupted by the homeowner. The description was the same in each break-in and video surveillance was captured as well. At around 7AM RPD Lieutenant Jeff Wallace was driving on Lake Boulevard when he spotted a man fitting the description. 25-year-old Jason Hernandez was taken into custody at gunpoint. He reportedly said that he’s a drug addict and he steals to support his habit. He was booked into jail on multiple counts of burglary.


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