Man Convicted Of Murder, Could Face Death Penalty

A Siskiyou County man could get the death penalty after being convicted of a murder he committed more than 3 years ago, according to the Siskiyou Daily News. Early in the morning on January 21st of 2015 Jeraime Whittle of Arkansas was asleep in his parked car at a Pilot Gas Station in Weed when 38-year-old Mitchell Ralls shot him in the head through his car window. The shot woke up Nicole Harmon, who was asleep next to Whittle, and she called 9-1-1. Ralls had been seen in the parking lot for several hours that night and was on surveillance video leaving just after the shooting. The murder weapon was found in Ralls’ car. No motive was identified. The trial lasted about a month and the jury deliberated for just a few hours before returning the verdict last Tuesday of first degree murder with a special allegation of use of a gun. Ralls will be sentenced on May 29th. He’ll get either life in prison without parole or death, although California has not executed anyone since 2006. In 2012 Ralls was accused of cutting a woman’s throat and he stood trial, but a jury acquitted him.


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