Alleged Burglar Arrested For The 3rd Time This Year

A man was arrested Tuesday morning by two Shasta County Sheriff’s Deputies who happened to be in the right place at the right time. At 5:40AM the deputies were headed toward Redding on Highway 44 near Stillwater when they saw a man carrying a plastic gas can climbing a hill on the north side of the highway near the construction site for the Stillwater overpass. The deputies turned around to investigate, and as they did the man ran back down the hill and got into a pickup truck with Texas plates. Before he could leave, the deputies pulled in behind him and turned on their emergency lights. The man was Jason Wallace Goltz, and he said he was going to visit some friends in the area. A records check showed an outstanding felony warrant for burglary, so Goltz was arrested. Deputies checked the truck and reportedly found it had been stolen from a Redding business on Sunday. There was a toolbox in the bed of the truck containing several license plates from several different states. Goltz was booked for his warrant and possession of stolen property. It was his tenth arrest, and his third in the past year. The sheriff’s office says there have been several recent burglaries of construction sites around Shasta County.


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