First Lady Invites Redding Boy Back To Washington D.C.

Preston Sharp has returned to Washington D.C. The 12-year-old Redding boy found his mission in cemeteries pulling weeds and planting flags around the graves of military veterans. On Veterans Day in 2015 the Columbia School student went with his mother to visit his grandfather’s grave at McDonald’s Cemetery on Continental Street, and he was appalled to see that many of the veterans’ graves had no flags or flowers to honor them. He started taking on odd jobs and soliciting donations to purchase thousands of small American flags. He’s expanded to other cemeteries and he and his volunteer followers have planted flags on tens of thousands of veterans graves throughout Northern California. Preston’s dedication caught national attention and in January he was a guest of Melania Trump at the State of The Union speech, and the president praised him by name during the speech. On Monday Preston was back in the nation’s capitol as the first lady’s guest again to help her launch a new initiative to fight childhood cyber-bullying.


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