Two Arrested After Allegedly Stealing Lottery Tickets

Two people were arrested following an alleged snatch and run of a bunch of lottery tickets in Tehama County. At 5:30PM Monday afternoon, a clerk called from the Crosslands Market in Los Molinos to say a man had run out of the store with a display case containing lottery tickets, and he was getting away in a Saturn SUV northbound on Highway 99. A witness to the theft followed the Saturn and called 9-1-1, saying the getaway vehicle had turned onto 7th Avenue and then onto Shasta Boulevard. That’s where the SUV paused as a woman got out, before looping back around and continuing north on highway 99. a district attorney’s investigator intercepted and made a traffic stop on the saturn , then waited for deputies to arrive. They reportedly found the case containing $1283 worth of lottery tickets and arrested the driver, 30-year-old Francisco Palos Jr of Redding. The woman was later found and identified as 36-year-old Donna Otlowski of Red Bluff. Deputies reviewed surveillance video from the store, which apparently showed Otlowski backing the Saturn up so that when Palos ran out with the case, he could quickly jump in and they could make their getaway. Both were booked into jail for burglary.


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