Former Redding Rancheria Tribal Chairwoman Passes Away

A very important figure in the development of Redding Rancheria has passed away. Barbara Murphy was a former tribal chairwoman, and was the CEO of the Rancheria for 16 years. She was born and raised on the Rancheria, with a heritage of Yana, Norelmuk Wintu, and Medesi Pit River. Barbara wrote the tribal constitution in 1986, and it’s never been amended. She also helped get the tribe federally recognized so they could establish Win-River Casino as a reliable source of income for the tribe. Barbara moved away but said she was called back home by spirits in 1989 when she was driving near Mount Shasta and felt an irresistible compulsion to return to the Rancheria. She’s survived by three children, 6 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren.


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