Man Arrested After Fighting With Deputies On South Bonnyview Bridge

Redding Police say a man fought with them when they tried to save him. At 8:20AM Thursday morning, several 9-1-1 calls were made reporting that a man had just jumped off the South Bonneyview Bridge into the Sacramento River. With a river rescue in mind, the RPD responded along with the Sheriff’s Office Boating Safety Unit, Redding Fire Department and a CHP helicopter. When officers got there, they found 33-year-old Kevin Donald Hursey of Anderson on the south edge of the bridge pacing back and forth, jumping up and down and flailing his arms around. He had already jumped into the river and then climbed out and went back on the bridge. As officers approached Hursey he grabbed the railing as if to jump again. The officers negotiated and talked him out of jumping, but he kept acting strangely and talking about jumping. He appeared to be on drugs and, thinking he was a danger to himself, the officers decided to take him into custody. As they pulled him from the edge he reportedly reacted violently, grabbing at the officers and kicking them. After a lengthy struggle, Chyr the K9 was used to help take Hursey down. Three officers were injured in the fight. Hrsey is on post release supervision for violently resisting arrest and he was just arrested on Tuesday by Anderson Police for drug possession. Thursday he was taken to Shasta Regional Medical Center to be treated for injuries from the fight, then booked into jail for assault on an officer and violently resisting arrest.


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