APD: Man Found Passed Out In Stolen Truck With Drugs In His Lap

Anderson Police say they found a man passed out in a stolen pickup truck. Saturday morning an APD Officer was patrolling the trouble-ridden Anderson Meadows Apartment complex on Highway 273 when he saw a GMC pickup backed into a parking space. He checked the license plate number and learned it was registered to U-Haul, but all the U-Haul decals had been removed. When he looked closer he reportedly found 38-year-old Jarett Carpenter passed out in the drivers seat with heroin and drug paraphernalia in his lap. The officer says he was given an elaborate story about why Carpenter had the truck, but a brief investigation proved otherwise. The truth, apparently, is that Carpenter had rented the truck using somebody else’s stolen drivers license. He was booked into jail on a half dozen different charges.


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