Customer Reports Bill Payment Scam To PG&E

Scam artists are coming up with new ones all the time, but the thing all scams have in common is that they’re designed to separate people from their money. Another scam attempted Friday was the old late-on-your-bill-and-you-must-pay-now ruse. A Shasta County resident got a call from a man claiming to represent PG&E. He told the intended mark that their electricity would be shut off in about 30 minutes due to non payment. To make it seem more legitimate, the caller provided a toll free number to call and make arrangements for the payment. The would-be victim reported the call to the sheriff’s office and a deputy called the toll free number. The man who answered told him to go to a nearby grocery store and purchase an “express next payment card” with a value of $1100. The deputy then mentioned something about contacting law enforcement and was quickly disconnected. PG&E was informed of the theft attempt. They have a website for avoiding scams that can be found through


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