Tuesday’s Clues Released, Lone Stranger & Accomplice Remain Unidentified

In a hail of gunfire, the lone stranger and accomplice once again got away after robbing a Redding bank. Actually the only gunfire was from the ever-bungling Asphalt Cowboys, who fired off dozens of wasted shots. The lone stranger, a tall hombre with a curly blond wig armed with only a squirt gun, never had to squeeze off a single drop of water while making a clean getaway escorted by a gentlemanly accomplice wearing a lady’s sunhat and a big rodeo style belt buckle. The dastardly duo behind the bandanas are different every year, and they’re usually notable members of the community. On Monday morning they hit the Cornerstone Bank on California Street at South Street. The Asphalt Cowboys had gotten a tip so they were waiting for them, but the result was sadly predictable. Tuesday there’s a $400 reward to identify the robbers and a separate $400 reward to find the loot. That drops by $100 per day until they’re solved.

Here are Monday’s clues to identify the lone stranger and accomplice:

They’ve done it again, can’t help but wonder.
Will the law and the cowboys recover their plunder?

and here are Tuesday’s:

Haven’t found them yet, they must be the best;
In case they went home, we’ll scope out the nest

The identity of the stranger and accomplice should be called in to 223-1188.

Here are Monday’s clues to find the loot:

Through the streets of downtown, from the bank to the water,
To find the hidden loot, you should be quite the spotter.

and here are Tuesday’s:

Those darned Asphalt Cowboys, are hot on the trail;
Just like a goldminer, with his pic and his pale.

If the loot is found it should be turned in at the Redding Chamber of Commerce. The loot is never hidden on private property, it’s never buried, and it’s never in a place that requires doing anything dangerous to find it.

Rodeo Week activities Tuesday include the special kids day, during which the Asphalt Cowboys introduce disabled kids to horses and other cowboy-related things. Also Tuesday night is the quick draw shoot out, the street dance and the chili cook off. All the activities are listed on the Asphalt Cowboys Facebook page.


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