Man Arrested After Allegedly Assaulting Sleeping Couple

A man was arrested very early Monday morning for allegedly attacking a couple with a baseball bat. Anderson Police were called at around 4:30AM to a home near Jason Court and Redbud Lane. 45-year-old Michael Shayne Terry had reportedly forced his way through the front door and stormed into the victims’ bedroom, announcing his intent to kill them. The victims say he started striking both of them with a baseball bat, though they sustained only minor injuries. Terry was gone when officers arrived, but at around 7AM they found his car parked at an apartment complex on Spruce Street where they were told he lives. Nobody answered the door when they knocked so they tried to hail him on their loudspeakers. That got no response so they called him repeatedly on his cell phone but still got no answer. A search warrant was acquired and the nearby Anderson Heights Elementary was locked down. Officers announced from outside that they had a search warrant and that if Terry didn’t surrender they send Aero the K9 in after him. There was no response so they busted down the front door, only to find Terry behind it trying to keep the lock secured. At that point he immediately surrendered. The bat was found there too. Terry was booked for several violent felonies.


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