Man Sentenced To 9 Years For Failed Crime Spree

A Redding man has been sentenced for a crime spree last month that was repeatedly foiled by would-be victims who fought back. On April 3rd, Casey John Stout tried to steal a woman’s purse on Market Street but was repelled when two other women came to the victim’s defense and chased Stout away. He then threw a rock through the window of a car parked on Pine Street in order to steal things.Stout then headed to the downtown parking structure and tried to carjack a vehicle from an 83-year-old man, but he was knocked to the ground by a concerned bystander before again running away. A Redding Police Officer saw him fleeing and chased him on foot, eventually capturing him. During the chase Stout tried to carjack another car by opening the passenger door but the occupants fought him off and fled. Late last month Stout pled no contest to 5 felony charges, including robbery, elder abuse, 2 counts of attempted carjacking and burglary, as well as a misdemeanor charge of resisting a peace officer. Stout has a prior violent strike conviction and Tuesday he was sentenced to 9 years in state prison.


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