Man Allegedly Brandishes Air Soft Gun During Parking Dispute

A man with a fake gun caused a real scare in Anderson Wednesday morning, according to police. A little after 7AM a car was partially blocking the driveway of a home on Mill Street, so the resident honked his horn. The driver of the car that was blocking, identified as 58-year-old Richard Lafond, reportedly pulled out a black handgun and brandished it at the resident. Lafond then fled to a nearby home as the other man called 9-1-1, apparently in fear for his life. Nearby Anderson Middle School was ordered into lockdown as officers surrounded the home to which Lafond had fled. They made a loudspeaker announcement ordering the occupants out and three people came outside, including Lafond. He reportedly told officers that he didn’t have a gun, but that an Airsoft pistol was under the front seat. The air gun was totally black with no orange tip to indicate it was a replica. Lafond was booked for exhibiting an imitation firearm.


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