CHP Officers Diffuse Bizarre Incident On I-5

An Oregon woman was taken for a mental health evaluation after an unusual incident on Interstate 5 in Siskiyou County Thursday. Just after Noon a CHP Officer noticed a Toyota 4Runner stopped in an unsafe place in the center divider of I-5 near the Weed Rest Area. The SUV had a paper sign with the word “help” written on it, so the officer stopped to check it out. The driver was a 38-year-old woman from Bend, Oregon, along with her 8-year-old son and a dog. The officer thought the woman was acting strangely before she suddenly rushed back to her car seat, brandished a knife and drove away. The officer didn’t want to agitate the woman by starting a pursuit, but he followed her until she made a u-turn across the median, and another u-turn, and a number of additional u-turns until more officers arrived and they were able to get the car safely stopped. The woman and her son were both taken to the Siskiyou behavioral health office. The dog was taken to the county shelter for safe keeping. The CHP says its officers have extensive training in dealing with mental illness, and they say the incident was handled just right.


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