Woman Sentenced To Prison 3 Years After Her Grandmothers Death

A Redding woman has been given a prison sentence for the death by neglect of her 90-year-old grandmother. Dorothy Havens died in May of 2015 the day after Redding fire personnel responded to her Tidmore Lane home because she was having difficulty breathing. Neglect was suspected to be at the root of her medical troubles as the first responders found a horrific scene of squalor and filth. Dorothy apparently had been in bed for at least 6 months and was in terrible condition as a result of not being cared for. Dorothy‚Äôs daughter, 59-year-old Kathryn Havens, and her grand-daughter, 36-year-old Amanda Havens, were responsible for Dorothy, having disregarded a doctor’s orders that Dorothy needed full time professional home health care. They never sought medical attention for the suffering old woman, and apparently rarely even really touched her. She was covered in her own waste and infected open sores, which ultimately led to her demise from Sepsis. Kathryn was initially charged with murder and a murder charge was later added for Amanda. Both have been in Shasta County Jail for the last 3-and-a-half years. Last month Amanda accepted a plea deal from the district attorney’s office and was sentenced Thursday to 17 years in prison, 85% of which must be served before she’s eligible for parole. Kathryn is still awaiting trial.


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