Homeless Man Allegedly Fights With Officers

A homeless man didn’t take it well when a Redding Police Officer wrote him a ticket for illegal camping Friday morning. At 20 minutes after Midnight, 37-year-old Kelly Ross was in the area of Dana Drive and Churn Creek Road when a officer wrote him up. Ross refused to sign the citation and became very angry, reportedly starting a fight with the officer. Baton strikes and pepper spray were used but they did not subdue Ross. Other officers showed up to help but Ross kept fighting. More baton strikes, more pepper spray and tazer shots had little effect on Ross. Otto the K9 was then brought to the scene, and he made the difference, allowing officers to finally take Ross into custody after 6 minutes of fighting. He was medically cleared at a hospital before being booked into jail. Several officers were also injured and some of their equipment was broken as well.


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