Machete Wielding Woman Arrested After Allegedly Starting Fires Near Yreka

A woman in Siskiyou County is accused of going on an arson rampage. Early Saturday afternoon Cal-Fire responded to a house fire on Ager Road northeast of Yreka. They called for help from the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office when they saw a woman running away from the burning house carrying a machete. She ran up a hill, lighting fires in the dry grass along the way. Arriving deputies apprehended 38-year-old Veronika Farago of Alameda after she brandished the machete and resisted arrest. She was transported to a hospital with injuries she had prior to her arrest. Farago had allegedly used gasoline to set the house on fire, along with at least one other structure and a pickup truck. The house was completely engulfed in flames and, although no bodies were found inside, the residents have yet to be found. The vegetation fire was eventually contained to 27 acres.


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