Man Arrested In Siskiyou County On Several No Bail Warrants From Shasta County

A man suspected in multiple Shasta County thefts has been arrested for stealing and hit-and-run in Siskiyou County. At 7 O’clock Monday morning, the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office was told that a pair of 2000 gallon water tanks had been stolen from a parcel on Bent Twig Road in the Mount Shasta Estates subdivision by someone driving a light blue Chevy pick up hauling a utility trailer. Residents of the largely Hmong-populated neighborhood provided updates to dispatchers of the truck’s movements. The driver rammed another vehicle while escaping, and one of the water tanks later fell off the trailer and blocked the road. A while later the truck was seen parked under a tree on Roland Road but it was gone when deputies got there. The search was still underway several hours later when the truck was reported near Chalet, and deputies intercepted it. The truck had been stolen from Dorris very early Monday morning. 35-year-old Robert Jason Goucher was arrested for grand theft, hit and run, vehicle theft and four “no bail” felony warrants out of Shasta County.


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