Parolee Captured After Attempting Escape In Sporting Goods Store

A man who Redding Police call a “habitual offender” was arrested again Monday evening. At around 10 to 6 an employee of the Verizon Wireless store on Hilltop Drive called police and said a man had stolen merchandise and then ran across the street and into Dick’s Sporting Goods. Officers went into Dick’s and recognized 42-year-old Brady Michael Phipps from previous arrests. He allegedly climbed a ladder and hid the stolen goods in the rafters, then hopped onto a bicycle that was for sale and rode it through the store to escape the police. As he neared the exit, an officer knocked him down. He reportedly continued to resist before being taken into custody. One officer suffered a minor injury during the capture. Phipps is on parole and has been booked into Shasta County Jail a dozen times in the past year.


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