Several Arrested In Intermountain Area For Recent Thefts

Two burglary suspects were captured in Eastern Shasta County over the weekend, and a car theft suspect was caught as a bonus. At 8 O’clock Saturday night a resident of Dee Knoch Road in Fall River Mills reported a burglary in progress. Craig Knoch said he saw a man and woman near his shop and when he approached them the woman sped away in a red Dodge pickup, leaving the man behind. He was seen running away and after a brief search Maurice Alessandro was captured by deputies. He was arrested for warrants, as well as trespassing. Knoch later spotted the same red Dodge truck at a hotel in Fall River Mills and took photographs of the truck and the woman driving it. When deputies saw the pictures they recognized the woman as Gloria Netti Martinez-Winn. At 1:30PM Sunday afternoon a CHP Officer and a deputy noticed a truck matching the description going westbound through Burney. It made a quick turn into a motel parking lot, but they followed it. The truck turned out to be stolen from McArthur. The driver, J Tucker Bellegante, was arrested. The passenger was the woman they were looking for. Both have been arrested many times in the Intermountain area.


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