Deputies Arrest 4 People Near Millville

Shasta County Sheriff’s Deputies say they don’t know the intentions of some people taken into custody in the Millville area Tuesday afternoon. At around 3 O’clock, a deputy on Old 44 Drive near Oak Run Road saw a Dodge Durango parked at the gate of a home. Brandon Woodman was standing next to the SUV, Christie Baker was in the driveway and two other people were on the front porch of the house. When the deputy pulled in behind the Dodge and talked to Woodman, he said they were looking for yardwork jobs. The deputy didn’t believe him and put him in handcuffs. That’s when the two people on the porch walked away into the woods. The deputy called Baker over and handcuffed her as well. She said the Dodge had overheated and they were going to ask the homeowner for some water. More deputies showed up and they talked to the residents, who said after a knock at the door they didn’t like the looks of the tattooed people on their porch so they refused to open the door and got their shotgun ready. After a search with help from a K9 and a CHP helicopter, Russell Harris and Annie Walworth were found about 2 miles away. Harris had locked himself inside an abandoned trailer and deputies forced the door open to get him. All four were arrested on outstanding warrants.


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