Deputies Use Tear Gas To End Standoff

A man wanted on a number of charges was taken into custody after a standoff in the Igo/Ono area. 29-year-old Zachary Lance Gibbins was wanted by Anderson Police for elder abuse, robbery, burglary and domestic violence. Shasta County Sheriff’s Deputies were told that Gibbins was in the area of Gas Point Road and Clear Creek Road, and they went looking for him. They were also told that Gibbins was armed with two guns and that he may be suicidal. Deputies spotted Gibbins’ station wagon near the cross of Cox Road and Foster Road and when they approached it they saw that Gibbins was laying down inside. He refused to get out and eventually an armored vehicle was driven to the location and Gibbins was forced from the car with tear gas. After a brief struggle he was taken into custody. A rifle and a handgun were found in the car.


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