Man Arrested After Allegedly Attempting To Run Over Ex-Wife’s Boyfriend

A Corning man used his pickup truck as a weapon against his ex-wife’s new boyfriend, according to the Tehama County Sheriff’s Office. Deputies were called a little after 3AM Wednesday to a home on Oakridge Road in Rancho Tehama Reserve. Christina Wheeler was reporting that her ex, Marcus Alavazo, had twice rammed a vehicle belonging to her boyfriend, Alex Max Sanchez. She also said that Alavazo had a gun, that he was parked in front of her house, and that he had fired at least two shots at an unknown target. While she was still on the phone, she said Alvarez was leaving, possibly to his home on Kern Avenue. Just before deputies got to the Oakridge Home, Alavazo’s cousin called 9-1-1 and said Sanchez had fired a gun at them. After securing both homes, deputies gathered evidence and determined that Alavazo was the primary aggressor in the conflict, and that he had tried to run over Sanchez with his pickup. No gun was found but it’s believed to have been a BB gun. Alavazo was booked for criminal threats, assault with a deadly weapon and hit-and-run.


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