Flight School Student Safe After Attempted Kidnapping

Two people were arrested after an alleged kidnapping attempt of a flight school student Friday morning. Redding Police were called at 7:18AM to the 1400 block of Trudie Trail. The victim’s brother called police after Tianshu Shi told him that someone was at his apartment and was attempting to take him back to Shanghai China. Baihan Fu lives in China and was worried after not hearing back from his brother so he called a fellow flight school student and was told that Shi had been assaulted and taken away. Fu alerted police and during the investigation it was determined that Jonathan McConkey and his assistant Kelsi Hoser went to Shi’s home Thursday night to tell him they were sending him back to China. The two went back to the home Friday morning, and when Shi refused to go with them, police say that McConkey battered Shi and threatened him with physical violence. Fearing for his own safety, Shi eventually left with McConkey and Hoser and was taken to Redding Municipal Airport to be sent back to China. Officers found the three at the airport and McConkey and Hoser were taken into custody and booked for conspiracy and kidnapping. Shi sustained only minor injuries and was released by police.


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