Two Men In Critical Condition After Brutal Beating

Two men are fighting for their lives following a vicious beaten by three juveniles during a home invasion robbery over the weekend. Saturday morning Redding Police were called to an apartment complex on Grange Street after a neighbor noticed a large amount of blood leading to the front door of one of the apartments. Arriving officers knocked on the door and heard groaning from inside, so they entered and found 28-year-old Ashley Ross, 26-year-old Richard Ross and 25-year-old Kyle Bird suffering from severe head injuries. They were all rushed to Mercy Medical Center, where the two men are still in critical condition Tuesday morning. The three had been battered on their heads and faces with a hammer and a garden hoe. They were struck so hard that the wooden handle of the garden hoe was splintered and broken. The attack was done in the early morning hours and the assailants had left the victims to suffer, knowing that they might die of their injuries. Investigators learned that a 17-year-old boy who lives nearby had been at the apartment socializing Friday night. When they spoke to him he made suspicious statements and some of the victims’ things were found in his home. During questioning the boy eventually confessed. Another 17-year-old boy and a 16-year-old boy were also identified and they were later apprehended near the Martin Luther King Park on Sheridan Street. They both confessed as well, and more of the victims’ property was found at the 16-years-old’s home. The teenagers have been booked for attempted murder, robbery, and conspiracy.


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