Update: Accused Kidnappers Released From Jail

Two people accused of kidnapping a flight school student have apparently been released from jail pending arraignment. Friday morning Redding Police were called to a home on Trudie Trail. Baihan Fu had called from Shanghai, China to say his brother, Tianshu Shi, needed help because someone was at his apartment attempting to send him back to China. Tianshu Shi is a student at Redding’s Iasco Flight School. After not hearing back from his brother, Baihan called another flight school student and was told that Tianshu Shi had been assaulted and taken away. Police determined that flight instructor Jonathan McConkey and his assistant Kelsi Hoser had gone to Shi’s home Thursday night and said “The United States government needs you out of this country.”, adding that if he didn’t go with them, he would go to jail. The two returned to the home Friday morning and when Shi refused to go with them, police say McConkey battered Shi and threatened him until he went along with them. Police intercepted the three at Redding Municipal Airport. McConkey and Hoser were booked for conspiracy and kidnapping, though they’re no longer in custody. Shi sustained minor injuries.


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