2 Arrested After Deputy Spots Them Trying To Strip Stolen Copper Wire

Two Burney men were arrested after attempting a labor-saving method of stripping a very large copper cable to sell it for scrap, according to the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office. At around 7AM Tuesday morning, a deputy was on Mountain View Road near Carberry east of Burney when he was stopped by someone who described seeing a small black car go by dragging a large black cable. The deputy continued down the road until he came upon a black Pontiac G6. A carabineer near the trunk was attached to a copper cable more than an inch-and-a-half thick and 165 feet long. 28-year-old Michael Joseph Ybarra and 35-year-old Tyson Noah Courtney explained. They said they had found the cable on the side of the road and the sheathing was too difficult to strip by hand, so they were dragging it on the roadway to get the job done. Deputies contacted PG&E, which is in the midst of a large project in the Burney area. A contractor for the job came to the scene and confirmed the cable was stolen PG&E property worth thousands of dollars. Deputies searched the car and reported finding a spool of wire in the trunk marked “PG&E” as well as Methamphetamine and Heroin. Both men were arrested.


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