Beach Goers Urged To Avoid Swimming At Brandy Creek

It might be the geese, it might be the people, it might even be the thing that bears so famously do in the woods. Whatever the reason, it may not be a good idea right now to go swimming at Brandy Creek Beach on Whiskeytown Lake. The National Park Service has detected elevated levels of E. Coli in the water at the popular beach, which generally indicates fecal contamination by humans, pets or wildlife. Park Service officials recently warned visitors not to feed Geese, and they now say goose droppings are the likely source of the contamination. A single goose can defecate every 20 minutes for a total of 1 to 3 pounds a day. Brandy Creek beach remains open, but the Park Service recommends refraining from swimming there until further tests show the water to be pathogen-free.


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