Couple Avoid Prison Sentence After Injuring Infant

A Red Bluff couple has avoided prison time after being convicted of injuring their newborn baby. Jessica Trimble had a 26-day-old infant who needed a diaper change. The baby was being fussy and uncooperative, which frustrated Trimble. She grabbed the baby’s arms and made a spinning motion, causing the baby’s right arm to break. The father, Kenneth Keverline, thought he could fix the injury. After manipulating the arm in various ways he succeeded only in causing further pain and exacerbating the injury. More than 24 hours later the parents finally sought medical treatment, but they lied about how their baby got hurt. They were both convicted of felony child abuse, and the Tehama County District Attorney’s Office argued that both should go to state prison. The court followed the probation department’s recommendation and sentenced both to 210 days in county jail and 4 years probation.


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