Pennsylvania Man Rescued After Losing His Way On Mount Shasta

A climber needed help descending Mount Shasta after following the wrong trail and becoming utterly lost. At 4:30PM Tuesday afternoon 22-year-old Frank Radanyi of Quakerville, Pennsylvania called the U.S. Forest Service to say he had taken the wrong trail on his descent. he was confident he could make it off the mountain on his own- he just needed directions, so the mountain rangers advised him on the correct route. Radanyi apparently did not follow the directions well because at 5:30AM Wednesday morning, he called back to say he definitely needed help because he was stranded near the summit at an elevation of 13,600 feet. The rangers called the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office and while a search and rescue team was being assembled Radanyi’s family called 9-1-1 to say he had gotten a text message through to them and needed help right away. The CHP was called and at 7:15AM they flew a helicopter to the slope below the summit where Radanyi was stranded, but they couldn’t land because the winds were too strong. A Chinook helicopter was requested from the National Guard, but it was more than 2 hours away. Chris Carr, who owns a mountain guide service, was called and he said 2 of his guides were not too far from Radanyi’s location. They reached him in about 15 minutes and called to say Radanyi was suffering symptoms of Hypothermia. They also said the wind had settled down to about 20 miles an hour so at 9:30AM the CHP helicopter went back up and successfully plucked Radanyi off the side of the mountain. He was flown to Mercy Mount Shasta for treatment.


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