DA Wont File Charges Against Shooter In Fatal Dispute

No charges will be brought against a homeowner who killed a 49-year-old man in a heated dispute that started over parking on private property near a home north of Redding. At around 7:15PM last October 24th Mark Turner and his girlfriend drove up to City View Drive off Walker Mine Road and found a romantic place to sit and watch the city lights and stargaze. They parked in a turnout off of a driveway about 50 yards from the home of 61-year-old James Johnson. It’s a spot that Johnson said he frequently would ask people to leave because it was often mistaken for a turnout on a public road, but it was actually part of his driveway. Johnson and his wife were sitting on their porch when they heard and saw Turner’s Ford Expedition pull up and park in the popular spot. He grabbed his flashlight and walked down to tell them they had to leave, even though the couple was not causing a disturbance. Turner argued with Johnson, doubting that it was private property but Johnson was insistent. Johnson pulled out his cellphone to call 9-1-1 and when he heard a voice he asked for law enforcement, apparently unaware that he had actually called 4-1-1. he walked to the rear of the s-u-v to see the license plate, then realized his dialing error and tried again but still failed to reach 9-1-1. eventually turner turned the vehicle around and started to pull away, but his side view mirror struck Johnson, who reacted by swinging his arm and breaking the driver’s side window with his Maglight. Johnson says he started walking back toward his house but Turner got out and tackled him. Johnson was placed in a choke hold but got out of it by biting Turner on his arm. Johnson says he started to run as Turner grabbed his T-shirt and ripped it off of him. Johnson then ran back to his house and armed himself with his 12 gauge shotgun and got into his own truck. He started to drive down the hill but when he saw Turner running next to him he reversed back to his house and got out. he then saw the expedition coming up the driveway toward his wife and another woman. it stopped before it got to them and as they ran out of the way, johnson stepped out and fired the shotgun through the windshield from about 20 feet away, striking Turner in the neck and chest with birdshot. The SUV then rolled partly back down the hill and came to rest. Turner fell out the driver’s side and died on the ground. District Attorney Stephanie Bridgett says the shooting falls under the legal definition of self defense and she doesn’t believe that a crime can proven beyond reasonable doubt. Turner’s girlfriend was not injured. She said that as Turner drove up the driveway and she was urging caution, the last thing he said to her was “I’m sorry, baby. I know I said I was going to take you home but I can’t.”


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