Supervisors Will Discuss Upcoming Budget

The Shasta County Board of Supervisors will open its budget hearings on election day. The panel will be asked to sign off on nearly 450-Million Dollars worth of spending. The budget hearing for the fiscal year that begins June 30th will provide the board a budget overview from County Executive Officer Larry Lees, whose staff has compiled a lean list of essential spending that totals $448,906,363. That’s an increase of less than one percent from the budget for the fiscal year now coming to a close. The county is continuing it’s lean budget principle that include a controlled hiring process and the approval of no new programs or positions that are not clearly revenue supported. The general reserve is at 10.7 Million Dollars, barely over the self-imposed policy requirement of $10 Million. All the details of the proposed budget are public and can be viewed on the Shasta County website. The budget hearings get underway at 9 O’clock Tuesday morning.


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