Police K9 Helps Arrest Man Who Allegedly Assaulted Officers

Redding Police arrested a transient Monday morning after he allegedly threatened them with a wooden flag pole. Police were called at 6AM to a residence in the 2600 block of Park Marina Drive by a resident who reported that a man was breaking windows at their home. Police found 34-year-old Ernak Altankov on the front deck of the home. He apparently refused officers commands to exit the deck and grabbed a 4 foot long wooden flag pole. Officers continued to order Altankov to leave the deck and to drop the pole. When he refused a taser was deployed, but it had no effect. Officers than shot a non lethal beanbag round at him, but he still refused to surrender. Officers than released Otto the K9 and Altankov eventually surrendered. Officers say that Altankov assaulted one of the officers who sustained minor injuries. Altankov was arrested and taken to Shasta Regional for medical treatment, before he was booked into Shasta County Jail for assault on a peace officer, attempted burglary, and for resisting arrest.


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