Californians Vote On Measure To Fund Parks, Water Projects

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Californians are voting on proposals to let the state borrow $4 billion for parks and conservation projects and change how revenues are allocated from its cap-and-trade pollution program. Voters heading to the polls Tuesday are deciding on five statewide ballot measures. Proposition 68 would let California issue general obligation bonds to fund parks and environmental projects, including $200 million to help preserve the state’s largest lake. The Salton Sea has been evaporating since San Diego’s regional water agency stopped sending it water. Proposition 70 would require a one-time two-thirds majority vote in the Legislature to determine how money from the state’s cap-and-trade program is spent. That program generates billions of dollars annually by requiring polluters to buy permits to release greenhouse gases. The other ballot measures address how diesel tax revenues are spent, when ballot measures take effect and a tax break for installing rainwater-capture devices.


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