Man Arrested After Assault In Shingletown

A man was arrested for an assault and robbery at a Shingletown area trailer park. At around 9:30PM Thursday night Shasta County Sheriff’s Deputies were sent to the Creekside Mobile Estates. 34-year-old Ryan Wynn was suffering from a head injury and abrasions. He told deputies that he and 30-year-old Aaron Kuska had been at a mutual friend’s home. He said they were outside the home when Kuska suddenly whacked Wynn on the head with a heavy stick and then pounded him with his fists. Kuska allegedly stole several items from Wynn during the assault before Wynn was able to break away and run to a nearby home to call 9-1-1. Wynn was taken by ambulance to a hospital. Kuska was found at the friend’s home and reportedly admitted to fighting with Wynn, but denied taking anything from him. Deputies say they found some of Wynn’s things inside the home and Kuska was arrested for robbery.


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