Teens Arrested After Trashing Anderson River Park

Anderson Police have made arrests in a major vandalism case. Friday night somebody cruised around in a silver Honda Accord shooting paintballs at multiple homes, vehicles, and at least three people. The Honda was later found abandoned in Anderson River Park, where the new amphitheater restroom was trashed inside and out, including a drinking fountain that was ripped from the wall. Multiple outhouses were knocked over as well. Damage is estimated at more than $10,000. The Honda contained paintball guns and bags of paintballs, but no suspects could be found. Officers watched the car for a while but when they saw it leaving later on, they were unable to catch up to it. The car was eventually found crashed into a cattle gate on Dodson Road. Items left behind led to the arrests of 18-year-olds Daniel Hunt and Isaac Dunton, along with a juvenile.


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