Wood Staining Rags Spark House Fire

A large Redding house was severely damaged by fire Saturday afternoon. Redding Firefighters were called at around 3 O’clock to the house on Riverview Drive off of Wyndham Lane. A fire was raging in the attic of the home and was apparently just minutes from totally destroying the structure. In about 20 minutes the fire was under control and most of the residents’ belongings were saved. Redding Fire Battalion Chief Chris Varnum says a big roof-mounted air conditioning unit came crashing through the ceiling while firefighters were inside. Nobody was home when the fire started. An investigation showed the blaze began from discarded rags that had been used for wood staining. The rags were discarded next to the house, where they lit up from spontaneous combustion. The flames went up into an eve vent and high winds pushed the fire throughout the attic. The estimated value of the damage to the $275,000 house was $125,000 and another $15,000 of contents.


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