Brothers Who Allegedly Assaulted Sisters Husband Released From Jail

Two brothers assaulted their sister’s abusive husband Monday, according to the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office. Deputies were called a little before Noon to a home on Lake Boulevard north of Shasta Dam Boulevard. 29-year-old Abdul Gasimi was reporting that his brothers-in-law were there and they had just assaulted him with a baseball bat. When deputies got there, four people were in the driveway of the home, including Gasimi, his wife and her brothers, Ajmal and Rabmal Sadat. The Sadats had allegedly threatened Gasimi with a handgun and then beat him with their hands, feet and an aluminum baseball bat. A handgun was found in the bushes that was registered to Rabmal Sadat. All three were taken into custody. Qasimi was charged with domestic violence and the Sadats were charged with assault with a deadly weapon. Gasimi was treated for his injuries at a hospital before being booked into jail. Gasimi remains in jail Tuesday morning, while the Sadats have been released.


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