RPD: Men With Numerous Arrests Found Fighting At Parkview Park

Redding Police broke up a brutal fight Tuesday afternoon involving two men who should have been in jail. At 4:15PM officers were sent to Parkview Park off Park Marina Drive just south of the Cypress Bridge. One report was that two men were beating another man with golf clubs. There were then reports that a machete was being used. When officers arrived they detained 38-year-old Edmond Jung of Redding and 51-year-old John Allen Workman of Shasta Lake. Both had injuries, though not life-threatening, and both reportedly admitted that they had been fighting over property. A machete was recovered at the scene, along with a sledge hammer. Jung reportedly said he had thrown the golf club into the brush near the river when he he saw the police coming, but they couldn’t find it. Jung is on post release supervision and has been booked into Shasta County Jail 26 times in the past three years for various crimes, many of them felonies. He was last arrested on June 1st for multiple warrants and released on his own recognizance 3 days later. On Tuesday he was allegedly in possession of a bag of Methamphetamine. Workman has been booked into jail four times since last October. The last time was on Friday for failure to appear and he was released the same day.


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