The Latest: Gay Conversion Therapy Ban Wins Votes To Advance

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) – A bill that would declare gay conversion therapy a fraudulent practice has the votes to pass out of a Senate committee. A majority of senators on the judiciary committee voted to advance the bill. Their action came after they heard from more than 350 people who opposed the bill. Many of those who spoke out against the measure said they believed it would infringe on their religious freedom. Sen. Bill Monning says he’s received many calls from people concerned the bill would restrict the Bible. The Carmel Democrat said he believes amendments to the bill make it clear it does not infringe on religious liberty. Sen. Joel Anderson voted against the bill. The Alpine Republican says he believed the legislation limited people’s choices in seeking therapy. Redding’s Bethel Church has been a major proponent of the practice, and some of the church’s leaders have recently called on their congregation to contact state legislators and express opposition to some bills that would further delegitimize the practice of gay conversion therapy.


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